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We are a printing and manufacturing system that helps you sell POD products and deliver directly to customers around the world.

300+ custom products and more are constantly being added

Stable production and delivery time

Easy to use

What we do

PRINT ON DEMAND fulfillment solution

Imagine, you just focus on sales and marketing. Lenful will handle the remaining stages: printing, shipping, order synchronization... All you need to do is find great designs on your own 150+ products: shirts, mugs, hoodies, masks, flags and more. Read more!

We care about merchants, so they can create something big and unique people love to use.

  • Commitment to excelence
  • Clients are our partners
  • Fun is an absolute must

We are continuously learning, improving and creating new opportunities for everyone.

Our mission is straightforward, we help merchants make more money with less effort


Easy to create an order with Lenful

1. Registration

Sign up for an account to activate the account.

2. Place an order

Using CSV, excel file to upload on our site or you can place a single order directly on our site.

Check your order one more time to make sure about the information you provided.

3. Order confirmation

Our supporters will check your order again before taking it into production in the next day.

4. Production and shipment

After payment confirmation, we will process your order in the next day.


300+ Custom Products and More Are Frequently Added

Competitive Base Cost.

High standard product quality.

Automated tracking system. Minimize slow shipping of items.

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Integration options

We built Best solutions for your company

Quickly connect with your store. You can even integrate Lenful with your management system using the API.

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  • Lenful API
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