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Return & Refund Policy

Monday, September 26


I. General information

  • For the same order numbers, we may provide one or more tracking numbers depending on the product type, packet weight, and capacity.
  • Different order numbers will go with different tracking numbers.
  • All packets that have been marked as "delivered." If the buyer claims that they did not receive the package despite the tracking showing "delivered," we can suggest some options for contacting the carrier…
  • If no logistics are available to deliver to the buyer's address, the parcel will be delivered to the nearest post office in another state.
  • Domestic return packets take 1 to 3 months to arrive at the warehouse.
  • Cancellation will not be permitted once the order has entered the "process" stage.
  • If the customer directly changes the shipping address with DHL/FedEx, they will send the bill to the seller to pay the additional fee, not the buyer…
  • A Mockup is required to match the artwork file.
  • Yanwen, Shunfeng, 4PX have no USPS labels and reship service as well.
  • The CMYK color system is required for the artwork file, we will the product based on your artwork png/jpg file provide.
  • We give a free month of stocking the finished product, after that time we will charge an additional fee or deliver the packet to the seller's address if necessary.

II. Shipment plan

We use 2 main shipping methods:

1. Standard shipping

  • Estimated shipping time under normal conditions will range from 8-15 working days. (During peak season, it may take 15-25 working days).
  • Main lineships: Yun express, 4PX, Yanwen...
  • For remote areas, islands (HI, AK, PR)... only the epacket/EUB lineship can reach but the shipping time is not guaranteed. Lenful does not encourage sellers to ship to these areas.

2. Express Shipping (requires customers to provide the recipient's phone number to ship)

Estimated shipping time:

  • DHL Express: 1-7 business days
  • Fedex: 3-9 business days

There are also a number of fast shipping lines that are applicable to certain areas: TNT, Aramex, etc.

Note: The above clause does not apply to paid orders that are affected by objective reasons (for example, design errors that need to be fixed, or waiting for address confirmation, phone number should take longer).

III. Replace and refund policies

We assure you that we will process refund following the cases below:

  • Send wrong item/size/address (differ with the shipping address provided before)/an obvious defective item caused by manufacture.
  • In case the design and mockup client provided meet our requirement, the printing quality however is bad, misplaced, distorted or faded, and unclear patterns, etc.
  • The size (dimension) received is totally different from the size chart published on our website.
  • The size (dimension) received is bigger or smaller more than 3cm ( shoes, sandals > 3mm) compared with the public size chart on
  • Absolutely different colors ( buyer orders blue, receives the red one), broken mug, etc.
  • Packet lost during the shipment.
  • Tracking has no more new updates within 20 business days.
  • The delivery time exceeds 25 business days for standard shipping and 15 business days for express shipping.

In general, we will take all the cases under consideration to offer the best solution.

*Please notice: Resend order will be processed with the original shipping method that sellers chose at the beginning.

IV. Proof Requirement to resolve cases

  • Label on the packet to verify if the packet was sent by Lenful factories.
  • A picture was taken in natural light or an obvious video.
  • A picture taken focuses on the error under natural light.
  • A screen capture of the buyer’s complaint or case.
  • Wrong size: please allow the buyer to measure by the ruler ( measure the shoe insole for the footwear items).
  • All complaints must be submitted to us within 15 business days since the day buyer received the packet (tracking showed delivered status).

V. Replace and Refund not permitted

  • Customers provided the incorrect shipping address/size or color/ unmatched design and mockup file.
  • Complaints received after 15 business days.
  • Insignificant difference between the real item and mockup, design in the same light condition and device (strong blue and light blue).
  • Defective item caused by the buyer.
  • Customers supplied incorrect or incomplete shipping address information.
  • In a normal shipment condition, buyers refuse the packet for individual reasons.
  • Shipment has been delayed due to political movements/natural disasters/military issues/customs issues/uncontrollable factors.
  • All packets with the status "delivered" If the buyer complains that they did not receive the packet even though the tracking shows "delivered," we can provide some options for contacting the carrier.

VI. Clone design policy

Please allow us 1-3 days to make a design depending on its complexity. After the design is completed, we will provide full of JPG/ PNG and PSD files, which you should carefully review.

We only put it into production after we have received your approval. We will not accept responsibility for any design flaws.

Thanks for reading.



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Return & Refund Policy
Return & Refund Policy

Monday, September 26

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Terms & Conditions

Monday, September 26

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Privacy Policy

Monday, September 26

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