Return and Refund


We typically do not accept returns due to user error such as an undeliverable address, incorrect selection of sizes, designs, colors, etc.
Please keep in mind that there will be around 3% – 5% packages will get shipments problems such as broken during shipment, wrong items sent, lost by post office (objective error), item will be reproduced and reship. In case, US customer refuses exchange, Lenful will provide refund 100% basecost.
In case of issues listed above, please kindly send pictures of the item showing the damage and label of the item along with a clear description of the problem and contact our customer support teams with full evidence, we will strive the best to make it right. As soon as evidence verified by us, Reshipment can be arranged within 24 hours.
Any claims for after-sale issues such as wrong design, misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 30 days after the product is received. We won’t offer exchange for orders delivery over 1 month. For exchange, you don’t need to return the item our warehouse. In case, US customer refuse to exchange and want refund, we will come into 2 cases :
No dispute on Paypal: tiny mistakes 25-50% basecost back or a certain amount of money, clear mistake (wrong design) 100% basecost back following our arrangement with seller.
Dispute (or lose case): small mistake 50-100% basecost back, clear mistake (wrong design) 100-150% basecost back following our arrangement with seller.


We will stand by your side to discuss about the best solution based on the fact and seller’s loss for instance support for re-production and resend…

Solely for ™ products held at customs office.We will assist to reproduce and resend and the expenditure will be shared between Lenful and seller.



Typically, We will arrange to reproduce and reship to customer. However, if customer disagree to get exchange or resend, we will offer full refund of base cost to seller.



We may not be able to avoid a little COLOR and SIZE DIFFERENTIATION caused when printing, making our product. For example, colors may look brighter or darker than when comparing with the artwork file. Each product may allow different size error 2-3 centimeters/ millimeter in length or width.

We will not provide a refund for all packets which have status “delivered”. In case buyer complains that they did not receive the packet even the tracking shows “delivered”, we can offer some ways to check with carrier...




Below is how we tackle these issues may still varies depend on how serious the case is, and after we have collected all the proofs and information.
This is how we often handle with every cases. Actual solution, however, may differs for certain one.

  • Shipping wrong item: We will replace the item.
  • Damaged item: When our items are processed, it’s always intact and got no damage. However, there are many cases that the Custom Control will tear the shipment to check for its content, or there may be damages during transportation. It’s hard to check whose responsibility it is. In most cases, we will replace the item if the damage can be clearly seen. Customer mus also send the proof of damage and the photo of the packaging label so we can inspect further.
  • Small print area or broken print area (low quality printing): if the issue is because of the factory (means that the artwork file follows our guidelines but the print area is still small), we will replace the item.
  • Actual product is smaller than announced size: If the actual product is more than 2 inches shorter/longer/wider/smaller than the announced size chart, we will replace the item.
  • Missing Item: If the order includes 2 or more items but the package the buyer received contains less than the actual order quantity, in most cases, Lenful will immediately send the missing item to the buyer. If buyer requests a refund for the order, we will send a partial refund for the order. The amount of the refund is calculated by the fulfillment cost for the missing item, and the shipping cost (if applicable).
  • If the shipment is late or is kept at customs waiting for customs clearance for too long (more than 5 business days for US orders and more than 8 business days for International orders) more than the guaranteed shipping time, Lenful will replace the item for you.
  • If the provided order lacks some information (street, address, customer name, phone number, zip code) and there is a problem with the end result because of that (late shipment, item kept at eCommerce center, item kept at post office, item return, etc), It’s the responsibility of the seller to replace the item at their own cost.
  • If the shirt/item doesn’t fit because the customer ordered the wrong size (they didn’t check the size chart, they thought the size would fit because they usually use that same size from many other merchants, or for any similar reasons), it’s the responsibility of the seller to replace the item at their own cost.
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