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Shopify Integration

Monday, March 4

  • Connect your Lenful store with your Shopify store easily.
  • Automatically sync orders from Shopify store to Lenful when there is an order.
  • Automatically update tracking to Shopify store when your Lenful order has tracking.
  • Fast, convenient, easy to use.

I. Create Shopify App

From Shopify Admin menu, click "Settings" > "Apps and sales channels" > "Develop apps".

Figure 1.1. Create Shopify Develop Apps

Click "Allow custom app development".

Figure 1.2. Allow custom app development

Read the warning, and then click "Allow custom app development".

Figure 1.3. Warning

Click "Create an app".

Figure 1.4. Create an app

Enter App name, then click "Create app".

Figure 1.5. Enter App Information

The app after you created. You can assign scopes for it. Click "Configuration" or "Configure Admin API scopes".

Figure 1.6. The created app

Select the scopes that you to assign to the app. Lenful needs following access scopes: 

  • Assigned fulfillment orders: "write_assigned_fulfillment_orders", "read_assigned_fulfillment_orders"
  • Customers: "write_customers", "read_customers"
  • Fulfillment services: "write_fulfillments", "read_fulfillments"
  • Merchant-managed fulfillment orders: "write_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders", "read_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders"
  • Orders: "write_orders", "read_orders"
  • Products: "write_products", "read_products"
  • Third-party fulfillment orders: "write_third_party_fulfillment_orders", "read_third_party_fulfillment_orders"

After set the scopes, click "Save". Then click "Install app" to get access token.

Figure 1.7. Install app

Click "Install".

Figure 1.8. Install app

After install app, click "API credentials". In the Admin API access token section, click "Reveal token once" to get the Admin API access token. Remember that you’ll only be able to reveal your Admin API token once, please record it to refer again.

Figure 1.9. Get the Admin API access token

And in the API key and secrect key section, you can get the API key information.

Figure 1.10. Get the API key

II. Create Lenful Store

From Lenful Seller Menu, click "Stores" > "Shopify".

Figure 2.1. Create Lenful Store

Click "Shopify" and enter the corresponding information.

  • Store Name: Display name of the store on Lenful.
  • Domain: The private domain of your Shopify store.
  • API Key: API key you got in the Shopify App.
  • Password: The Admin API access token in Shopify App.

Figure 2.2. Create Lenful store

Then click "Connect".

Figure 2.3. Shopify store you created

Above are all instructions on Connecting Shopify store with Lenful. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact us.


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