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Sync orders from Shopbase Store to Lenful

Wednesday, March 27


Connecting Shopbase Store with Lenful will allow users to 2-way synchronize orders, manage lists, and fulfill orders from the Lenful system.

This blog will guide you through connecting your Shopbase Store with Lenful and fulfilling your orders.

I. Store Setting

Orders: List of orders on the seller's Storefront. Sellers can manually sync orders from Storefront to Lenful.

Figure 1.1. List of orders

Store Information

Figure 1.2. Store information

Setting: Store settings

Figure 1.3. Settings

  • Sync Order Automatically: Synchronize orders automatically. When your Shopbase Store has an order, it will be automatically synced to Lenful. Sync Buyer's Email With Order: Synchronize Buyer's email.
  • Sync Tracking Automatically: Synchronize tracking automatically. When an order on Lenful has tracking, it will be automatically synchronized with the order on the Seller's Shopbase Store. Your Shopbase Store order will also have its status changed from "Unfulfilled" to "Fulfilled".
  • Automatically Sending Delayed Tracking Number Emails: Send emails to customers when orders on Lenful have new updates. Sending after tracking number is delayed by *** day(s): delay time until email sent to buyer.

By default when creating a Store, all settings will be off.

Logs: Activity history of Store.

II. Synchronize orders from Shopbase Store to Lenful

1. Automatic synchronization

Please enable the "Sync Order Automatically" setting if you want orders to be automatically synced to Lenful every time a new order is created in your Shopbase Store.

Figure 2.1. Turn on automatic order sync settings.


There are a number of reasons that affect the automatic synchronization of orders:

  • The time to create an order is earlier than the time to create a connected Store
  • Hooks failed to get the orders

=> In such cases, Seller please use manual order synchronization.

2. Manual sync

Unlike automatic sync, you do not need to enable the "Sync Order Automatically" setting.

Figure 2.2. Order list

Access "Orders", select the order that Seller wants to synchronize, click on the sync action. So the order has been synchronized to Lenful.

The system will notify when orders are synchronized.

Figure 2.3. Order sync successfully

"I chose manual sync, but the system reports an error?" - In case the system reports an error when synchronizing an order, try checking to see if the order has been synchronized or not. If it has been synchronized, you will no longer be able to synchronize that order to Lenful. If that order does not exist on the Lenful system, please contact Support to check your order.

3. Orders once synchronized

To check if your orders have been synchronized to Lenful, access "Orders" from Lenful menu.

Figure 2.4. Order list has been synchronized to Lenful

When the order is synchronized, only the Buyer information is matched, edit the order and select the corresponding products.

III. Synchronize Order Tracking from Lenful to Shopbase Store

When your order is updated with the Tracking Number, it will be automatically synchronized to Shopbase Store along with the corresponding order number / order ID.

Figure 3.1. Orders on Lenful have been processed and Tracking updated

Figure 3.2. Orders on Shopbase Store have been updated with Tracking and Status "Fulfill"

Make sure the "Sync Tracking Automatically" setting is enabled.

Figure 3.3. Setup automatic Tracking synchronization from Lenful to Shopbase Store

Above are all instructions on Connecting Shopbase Store with Lenful. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact us.


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