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2D Denim Cap

Price: $8.00
7 Option

Product Information:

  • Material: 100% cotton (washed denim)
  • The fabric is thicker, the hand feels harder, the top of the hat is reinforced, the Oxford inner lining, natural, comfortable and breathable, light and dry, with a sweat-absorbent belt inside, which can absorb sweat and wick moisture, fits well with the head circumference.
  • The back can be adjusted with a Velcro design. Freely adjustable capsize, strong practicability, available in four seasons, vent design, not stuffy, light and not easy to change, easy to carry, classic curved brim baseball cap, tough and stiff, not picky, cool and stylish.
  • Cap circumference: 55 - 59 cm
  • Cap height: 9cm
  • Cap brim: 7cm

Time of Production: 3-5 business days.

Artwork Requirement: 200 - 300 DPI.

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