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Mouse Pad

Price: $6.00
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Tags: CN

Product information:

  • Anti-slip rubber base: Natural rubber textured underside stays stable. It also comes with a texture that enhances this ability even further. Gaming mouse pad that will rest firmly on your desk even during the most intense gaming session.



  • 25*30 cm
  • 45*40 cm
  • 60*30 cm
  • 70*35 cm
  • 80*30 cm
  • 80*40 cm
  • 90*30 cm
  • 90*40 cm



  • Manual measurements of products, size might be 1 - 3cm error.
  • As a result of the production batch, the light intensity photography may affects colors difference a little.


Time of Production: 3 - 5 business days.


Artwork Requirement: 200 - 300 DPI.

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