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Pet Picture Frame

Price: $6.81
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Tags: VN

Material: Wooden


+ Sign size: 8" x 8", 9"x11", thickness: 8mm

+ Frame Color: Natural

+ Collar hole size: 1" x 0.5", 1.5"x0.5"

Type of printing: laser cut, UV printing


+ Can customize the sign with your favorite photo of your pet, your pet's name, and even the quote.

+ A collar holder can be easily set up on your table or any flat surface to remind you or your loved ones of the miracle that appeared in your life. It is an excellent gift for anyone who wants to be reminded of their angel or a condolence gift for someone who just lost their pet.

Package: 1 bubble layer + 1 carton layer + 1 shipping bag

Noted: Accessories are not included

Production time: 3-5 business days

Shipping time: 7-12 business days

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