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Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO NEW 2024 Pepsi Jubilee Steel 40 mm Watch

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The Rolex GMT ‘Pepsi’ Master II 126710BLRO runs the iconic Submariner a close race in the ‘most -in-demand Rolex model’. With its bidirectional rotatable red/blue bezel the 126710BLRO has been given the nickname ‘Pepsi’ – after the famous drinks brand’s colours and logo. ‘Pepsi’ has been in existence since the first Ref. 6542 all the way to the current ceramic Ref. 126710BLRO. Here knowing some French helps, as the ‘BLRO’ in the reference number stands for bleu/rouge, which translates to blue/red. Not to be confused with the black-and-red GMT-Master II or ‘Coca Cola’.

Time of Production: 3-5 Bussiness days.

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